Music Without Borders, LLC (MWB) is a total solution consultancy to the Music/Entertainment industry. MWB serves a range of industry professionals, from recording artists to retailers to record labels. MWB also consults music supervisors and directors of film and television to help find the perfect music for their respective projects. Finally, MWB provides "branding through music" to retailers and businesses of all sizes, companies that want to use music as a promotional or sales tool to cement their brand identity or appeal to a specific demographic.

Further, MWB works with recording artists and industry professionals to help them navigate the labyrinth of the music business. Consulting services offered include career counseling, networking, development of product presentations, business plans, on-line and off-line resources, promotion and publicity, product development, recording services, music and production consulting along with strategies for short and long term success.


Concert Production/Event Management
From concept to execution, pre-production planning to comprehensive on-site coordination

Recording Artists and Songwriters
Guidance into and through the recording industry for new, emerging and established musical talent

Record Labels
Develop strategies for marketing, brand building, A&R, distribution and media buying

Music Retailers
Helping retailers pinpoint a solid brand identity, maximize efficiency and widen profit margins

Arts Organizations and Museums
Matching events and exhibits with customized music that precisely evokes the appropriate period or culture

Web Design and Development
Scalable solutions for creating a web presence—from online brochure to interactive e-commerce

Collection-building consulting and services for public and private libraries

Music Industry Professionals
Carreer guidance, resumé/cover letter design and access to invaluable industry resources

Branding through Music
Custom made music collections for corporate branding and image-building promotions

Seminars & Workshops
Wide ranging topics related to the art, history and commerce of music and entertainment








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